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EMNLP 2018

I just got back from EMNLP in Brussels. We were presenting our dataset paper ShARC (a blog post about ShARC will be coming soon). The scale and breadth of the conference was really something, with so many smart people doing amazing things. It was also great to meet, network and talk research with all kinds of academics in NLP. We’ve got some exciting projects planned already, and I’m really just starting out.

Aspects of Paraphrasing for Adversarial training and Regularization in Question Answering

Welcome to my first real blog post. Read more about what it’s all for here. As a reminder, this is mainly a tool for me to organise my time and thoughts. These posts are not going to be infallible pieces of academic writing, (they’re not papers and shouldn’t be judged as such!) but friendly constructive feedback is welcome! Also, I expect to amend these pieces from time to time too.