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(2019). MLQA: Evaluating Cross-lingual Extractive Question Answering. ArXiv Preprint.

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(2019). Language Models as Knowledge Bases?. In EMNLP 2019.

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(2019). Unsupervised Question Answering by Cloze Translation. In ACL 2019.

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Earlier this year I led a collaboration between Cray Supercomputers, Digital Catapult and Bloomsbury AI (my previous employer). This …

I just got back from EMNLP in Brussels. We were presenting our dataset paper ShARC (a blog post about ShARC will be coming soon). The …


Here are some great projects I’m involved with:


LAMA ia a probe for analyzing factual and commonsense knowledge in language models.


Code, Data and Models to run Unsupervised Question Answering data generation on your own documents


Cape is a software solution allowing for SUPER easy integration of Machine Reading into software.